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Victoria's Living Wage Rises Again
Victoria News
Erin Cardone

June 1, 2010
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Ever found it hard to get by in Greater Victoria?

A new study confirms this isn't an easy area to live in for people who don't rake in a ton of cash, not that the information is much surprise to residents.

According to the Community Social Planning Council's Affordability Index, a family with two children needs to make at least $17.31 per hour to get by and have an adequate quality of life.

That amount has risen by more than 10 per cent in the past four years.

"The costs of living in this region are increasing at a rate that is seriously impacting our region's affordability," said Brian Hill, a member of the council's board.

In the council's study to determine Greater Victoria's minimum living wage, researchers determined housing costs ate more than one-quarter of a family's monthly costs. Child care was the second biggest expense.

The living wage calculation assumes two adults working 35 hours per week.

"The Affordability Index is an important tool to measure and understand the relationship between basic costs in the region and incomes," Hill said, "and to explore opportunities to make our region more affordable for all types of families."