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Thanks To Walmart Business Model – We’re Becoming Part Time Workers with Government Benefits
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June 6, 2010
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Having gutted so many small, rural communities of their local stores, Wal-Mart then moved to the burbs where they performed well and now they are into the final phase of their growth plan – the invasion of urban areas.

They have wanted to get into the Chicago market for some time. They went in with the usual arguments – they would increase tax revenues, jobs, etc. The jobs increase argument has been especially insidious. A recent report demonstrated just how Wal-Mart actually decreases the job opportunities wherever it locates. It drives out small businesses that employ full-time workers with benefits and offers up those minimum wage part-time positions with no benefits. The Huffington Post has a recent piece on what has happened in Chicago over the past year.

From day one, Wal-Mart would train its workers to go to state and federal offices for health care. They were adept at adding to the cost of the government while decreasing their costs. This past year, the Obama Administration was only too happy to formalize what has been going on for a long time now: they will be the primary purveyor of health care in the nation. Wal-Mart is home free.

Isn’t it good to see big business and big government working so well together? But the real impact of the Wal-Mart business model has been on other industries as they move to more part-time jobs and fewer full-time positions There are just too many people chasing too few jobs and businesses know they can get away with this. But can they? Who will be paying taxes for all of the services they and their workers will need? Who will be buying their products? [CNN]

Feel sorry for the college graduate. He/she has a lot of research to do to find a full-time job with a living wage in the years to come. High School students need to start doing their research now.

I feel like Cassandra. She wasted her breath, I won’t waste mine. Reports of more and more full time jobs becoming part time positions keep coming in each month. It won’t be long before this house of cards crashes under the weight of dead dreams.