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Tube Cleaners Win Fight for London Living Wage
Morning Star

July 6, 2010
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Tube union RMT said on Wednesday that it had secured a massive victory for low-paid workers as London Underground cleaners won their fight for the London living wage.

The union confirmed that all Tube cleaners will now be paid the wage of £7.85 per hour backdated to July 1.

RMT leader Bob Crow said: "This is a massive and historic victory for RMT and our London Underground cleaners and will come as a boost for other low-paid workers right across the city.

"It shows very clearly that, if you join a union, get organised and stand up and fight, then you can win major improvements to your rate of pay.

"For years we have mobilised the cleaners and mounted demonstrations - often in the teeth of the most outrageous intimidation - and today we see the culmination of that industrial and political pressure with this ground-breaking agreement on pay.

"It is a tribute to the solidarity, bravery and resilience of our members and their reps that they have stood firm and won this truly inspirational victory."