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WeHo Raising Living Wage, Expanding Ordinance

July 19, 2010
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West Hollywood, California (July 19, 2010) - The consequences of local Unite Here 11 persuading the West Hollywood city council to impose a Living Wage codicil as part of the development agreement with the Sunset/Doheny Hotel developer Richard Weintraub apparently arrive tonight when council approves a resolution that analyzes the “feasibility of imposing the living wage ordinance in all statutory development agreements.”

Currently, WeHo imposes its Living Wage Ordinance on businesses that contract with it or receive grants; this measure would expand their use to private commercial developments that require a “development agreement.”

At the same time, the council should also approve an increase in the Living Wage mandated by the city to $8.33 per hour with health care benefits and $9.58 if the firm pays no part of the health care benefits.

A resolution has been placed on tonight’s City Council consent calendar calling to review the city’s Living Wage Ordinance using comparable Southern California cities for guidance.

Additionally, as noted, it calls for an analysis of the feasibility of expanding the ordinance to include in all statutory development agreements.

Staff will also provide council with a report detailing current enforcement and compliance and make recommendations.

The original law was “enacted for the purpose of improving the quantity and quality of services received by the city from its service contractors,” according to municipal code.

The law goes on to read, “It is also the purpose of this ordinance to promote an economic environment that protects public resources devoted to social support services.”

Under the law, employers must pay employees the living wage mandated; provide at least twelve compensated days off per year for sick leave, vacation, or personal necessity; at least ten uncompensated days off per year; and make health benefits payment of at least $1.25 per hour towards the provision of health care benefits for employees and their dependents (or pay a higher wage).

The proposed resolution is on tonight’s regular City Council meeting’s consent calendar, meaning it is unlikely to face debate, however, any consent calendar item may be “pulled for discussion ay a council member’s request for re-examination.