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Labour’s Matt Launches Living Wage Campaign
Kilmarnock Standard
Colin Rutherford

September 3, 2010
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LABOUR Holyrood hopeful Matt McLaughlin has launched a campaign for a Scottish living wage of £7.15 an hour.

And his stance has won praise from Labour leadership contender Ed Miliband.

Said Mr McLaughlin: “Across Scotland, the UK, and elsewhere trade unions, faith groups and businesses are working to grow their local economy based on a living wage.

“I’m launching this campaign because I believe that workers should earn a living wage. There are still too many people and families in out community who work hard, but remain in poverty.”

He said that Scotland’s public sector could play a role in helping secure a living wage economy through changes to procurement processes.

Mr McLaughlin said: “Scotland can afford to become a living wage economy, but we will all benefit from it. As workers earn more, they have more to spend.”