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Colorado: A Living Wage is in Order
The Aspen Times

January 28, 2011
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Dear Editor:

“We believe a job should keep people out of poverty, not in it.” — Rev. Ken Brooker-Langston.

The living wage movement has been described as “the most interesting [and underreported] grassroots enterprise to emerge since the Civil Rights movement.”

Together, all across America, labor and religious leaders are joining hands and asking for changes in the law. People for a Living Wage, a group of Aspen Skiing Co. employees, has pointed out that some of Skico's jobs pay less than $10 an hour. We may disagree on some things; but I doubt anyone would defend that as a living wage.

The community pressure may result in Skico being fair to all their workers. If Skico will not, we as a community should join with City Council and the Pitkin County commissioners to move the ball forward with a living wage ordinance.

Lee Mulcahy