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Illinois: Faculty Senate Resolves to Support Living Wage, Due Process for Protess
North By Northwestern
Chrissy Lee

May 9, 2011
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The Northwestern Faculty Senate passed three resolutions May 4 — one to voice its concern for the possible violation of Medill professor David Protess’s due process rights, and the second and third to support the Living Wage Campaign’s efforts, according to an email sent to faculty members May 7.

In the first resolution, the Faculty Senate “identified areas of concern” in the dispute between Protess and the university, stating support for academic freedom and due process, according to the resolution.

Senators on the committee that compiled the due process resolution declined to comment or could not be reached.

The Living Wage Resolutions were voted on as a single resolution with two parts, the first serving as a declaration in support of the campaign as a whole and the second calling for a committee comprised of faculty, staff and students to plan and execute a living wage for all Northwestern workers, according to the resolution.

The proposal passed with overwhelming support. Four faculty members voted against the resolution, according to Faculty Senator Joshua Hauser.

One member voiced objection to the resolution before the vote, acknowledging the difficulty of computing a living wage, said Martha Biondi, who attended the meeting in place of faculty senator and Social Responsibility Committee member Mary Pattillo while she was out of the country.

This resolution provides a clear message to the administration and reinforces the Living Wage Campaign’s importance, said Living Wage Campaign Research Director and Weinberg senior Jordan Fein.

“The fact that [the faculty senate] took the time — that is completely unpaid — to do research, talk with their colleagues and compile information shows that it is a priority among the community here,” Fein said. “Thousands of students have signed a petition and ASG has passed a resolution already. What more do you need to convince the administration? They’re the only ones left who don’t support it.”