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Got subsidies? Cough up more money to employees, New Yorkers say in new Baruch College poll
New York Daily News
Erin Einhorn

May 20, 2011
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New Yorkers overwhelmingly think companies that get city subsidies should pay their workers more than minimum wage, a new poll shows.

The poll from Baruch College, which found that 78% of New Yorkers want companies that get city help to pay higher wages, comes as City Council Speaker Christine Quinn considers a contentious "living wage" bill that's backed by most members.

Its fate is in Quinn's hands but she won't say whether she'll let the bill get a vote.

Baruch political science Prof. Doug Muzzio said she should read the poll.

"If I were the speaker, and I'm sitting on the fence here, one of those 53-47 polls would be really great right about now, but this [poll] is unambiguous," Muzzio said.