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New Zealand: Campaign for a Living Wage Picket Nat MPs' Offices
Scoop Independent News
Unite Union

June 23, 2011
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National and Act have signaled they want to reintroduce youth rates for workers up to the age of 24 as part of their election policy.

The Campaign for a Living Wage has called for a nationwide picket of National MPs offices at 12 noon on Saturday 25th June.

The Campaign for a Living Wage gathered a quarter of a million signatures in support of an immediate raising of the minimum wage to $15ph, and is leading the opposition on the streets to the reintroduction of youth rates. Campaign spokesperson Joe Carolan said- There are pickets being held in Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Hamilton at National MPs offices. in Auckland we'll be going to John Keys mansion in Parnell and the EMA Hq in Khyber Pass.

We'll be assembling in front of the Holy Trinity Cathedral at the top of Parnell Road, and then marching down St Stephen's Avenue to the Millionaire's Mansion. Bring your top hat, your pitch fork, your school or workplace!

"Youth rates don't go far enough- $5 an hr minimum wage now", "Maori rates for Maori workers- Vote Don Brash", "Ban Unions. Bring Back Slavery"- some of the placards for the Millionaires March on Saturday. Wear your suit and bring your briefcase. And bring a tampon to throw at the EMA in Khyber Pass.

"We need a Living Wage for all- $15ph now and then pegged to two thirds the average industrial wage within 3 years, before the whole country moves to Australia. INstead of attacks on workers like youth rates and the 90 Day Fire at Will Bill, the time has come for full employment for all New Zealanders, funded by taxing the millionaires and their mansions. " said Joe.