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Living wage and pensions increased in Belarus today
Belteler Radio Company

August 1, 2011
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Sergei Khamentovsky reports: The Government approved a new living wage for the main socio-demographic groups last week. Today this normative standard came into force. Thus, the subsistence wage increased by nearly 29 percent and made up Br. 442,000 at an average. The increase is conditional upon price hike for food, nonfood goods, services rates included in the consumer goods basket. This normative standard is the basis for determining rights of citizens to receive lax loans and subsidies for construction or purchase of housing. Officially, the living wage serves to reason pensions and welfare payments, and through it - budgeting. By the way, size of state allowances for families with children increased from August as well. One-time payments in connection with childbirth will increase, too. The government will pay Br. 2.212 million for a first-born, for a second, third-born child mothers will get more than Br.3 million.

Labor and social pensions increased from today as well. The President signed a relevant decree last week. Thus, pensions will increase from 13 to 17 percent depending on the individual parameters. The average retirement pension will amount to Br. 798,000.

Honored payments were recalculated on the basis of the average salary.

According to the National Statistics Committee, it exceeded Br. 1,600 in the second quarter. As for social pensions, depending on the category they will grow by 15-20 percent against the subsistence wage.

In general, about Br. 2 trillion will be spent on pensions. But it is not the last recalculation of labor pensions this year - the next one will occur in autumn. Pensions will increase for the third time from November 1