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A modified bill and $1M study are the latest stars in a debate over the living wage in New York City
Capital New York
Azi Paybarah

October 5, 2011
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As Mayor Bloomberg looks to cut agency spending, a $1 million study by the Economic Development Corporation is being released arguing that forcing city businesses to pay a "living wage" would result in thousands of jobs being lost.

The original living-wage bill, opposed by the mayor, was shelved by City Council Speaker and mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn, who has tried juggling the desires of two different constituencies whose support she needs: her members (many of whom support it) and business executives (many of whom oppose it).

The bill has now been amended and may come under consideration again, but the study gives ammunition to the anti- side of the debate.

One labor leader, Stuart Appelbaum representing retail workers, has said the debate over this bill is really about "what kind of city we want New York to be," making it, in essence, a litmus test for elected officials.