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Arizona Minimum Wage Increases

December 27, 2011
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TUCSON - According to the Industrial Commission of Arizona, minimum wagers will be getting a four percent minimum wage increase starting January 1st.

Alejandra Armenta has been looking for part-time work while she attends school and she said a 30 cent per hour raise means a lot to her and her family.

"Even though it's a few cents more it will help in some way whether its food or bills, whatever it may be its going to help," Armenta said

Rosemary Cora-Cruz from the Pima County One Stop Center said the rate increase can be a big help for people like Alejandra but it still may not be enough for others.

"Its a great thing, but $7.65 is still not a living wage so for some, even two minimum wage owners, they're still below the poverty line even if they have one or two children," Cruz said.

Brooklyn Pizza Company owner Tony Vaccaro said these type of wage increases allow him to help his employees as much as he can.

"Every little bit helps regardless of the economy, even if the economy is good getting a raise is always going to help, so I think raises are important, Vaccaro said.

According to the commission, this is the first time in two years the Arizona minimum wage has been increased.