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Living Wage NYC Statement on Final Living Wage Bill

April 20, 2012

On the heels of the New York City Council releasing the final living wage bill, the following statement was made by the Living Wage NYC Coalition:

“After a long hard struggle, the Living Wage NYC Coalition is pleased to support the Living Wage Bill as introduced by Speaker Quinn and the New York City Council.

For the first time in NYC, businesses that directly benefit from millions in city subsidies will have to pay their workers $10 an hour. In addition, a policy will be put in place requiring the Economic Development Corporation to strive for a 75% Living Wage goal for all jobs on projects receiving subsidies. Lastly, new wage reporting will disclose the percentage of living wage jobs on all subsidized projects.

The people of NYC are demanding that income inequality be addressed and this bill is a major first step. It’s no longer business as usual in NYC. We’re confident that our billionaire Mayor’s expected veto to deny low wage workers $10 an hour will be overridden by the city council. We look forward to continuing this work until everyone in NYC earns a living wage.”